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Heaps of small businesses have set up a website and left it alone; without making sure the security of the site is up to date to protect both the business and its customers. If you aren’t checking your website regularly you may need a Website Manager Brisbane. You may find the performance of your website is not optimal and potential customers are not waiting for your page to load before simply moving onto one of your competitors. Let’s be honest, we have all done that ourselves. We have done a Google search for something, clicked on one of the links and if the page is slow to load we have simply gone “back” and clicked on the next link. The last thing any small business can afford is to lose a potential customer. This is where we come in – we are here to help you by taking care of your website for you. The following information provides more detail about what we do.

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If you not familiar with WordPress administration or the number of website maintenance tasks that are required to ensure your site is performing well then have a look at the following examples of just some of the things we do as part of the various Website Care Plans we provide.

In case you have not seen the backend of your website the following examples are from a WordPress dashboard and other performance monitoring tools. For many organisations, such as small businesses, charities and not-for-profits, their website was set up by someone quite some time ago but not maintained. For many a company was paid to design and build a website but the website owners did not know ongoing maintenance was required or they were unsure how to do it. Our professional website support in Brisbane is here to help; whether we built your site or someone else did.

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Included in your Website Care Plan is the provision of monthly reports. The content of the reports will depend on which package you choose based on your organisation’s needs. The following images provide an example of the reporting we provide. This means you will receive a report each month detailing what we have done to take care of your website. This will include the backups taken (in case your site needs to be restored), the number of plugins that have been updated to maintain performance and security and also a notice regarding the status of your website security. Our Brisbane based web consultants are ready to help and if you need more work we have cheap prepaid developer support services in Brisbane available.

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Should you have any questions about our services please get in touch with us! If you are not sure what plan you may need or you need something completely different please feel free to contact us as we would love to help you. Our Brisbane based web consultants are here to help. We are based in Brisbane, Queensland, so you are dealing with a local. Whether you need consulting based web development, responsive WordPress website for small business, create SEO friendly stylish website or management of your website; Brisbane Web Design Agency is your professional website support in Brisbane.

If you are still not sure if you need a Website Care Plan check out our recent article about why it is important.

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