Frequently Asked Questions

I you have an exiting website we will need the following:

  • Administrator access – we will need you to create an Admin login   for us. If you sure how to do that we can create that ourselves once you give us access.
  • Access to your hosting service so we can transition the site when complete.
  • Access to your Google Analytics and Google Search Console.
  • A list of keywords for SEO or we can include this research in your quote.

We are focused on security so we will call you to obtain passwords once you have signed on with us.

Yes we sure do. Feel free to contact us so we can discuss what you need and how we can hep.

Whilst we would be sorry to see you go we understand circumstances change. You can cancel your plan by contacting us and we will cancel the PayPal subscription for you, and confirm when this is done. We set up our plans using PayPal so our clients also have the option of cancelling subscriptions themselves via their PayPal account. Cancellations will occur for the next billing period if done part way through a maintenance cycle.

As with most things there are certainly options for DIY depending on your knowledge, capability and time. We highly recommend you have a trained expert take care of your website to ensure it continues to perform for your organisation and maintains its security. We have designed a range of plans to suit the needs of organisations of all sizes and budgets.

Our reports are issued as at the end of each calendar month and will be emailed to you on the first business day of each month.

We live and work in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. 

As a certified WordPress developer we are familiar with WordPress sites and can take them on once we have access. We do not charge a set up fee to do so. If we identify any issues with your site once we take it over it will not prevent us from doing work on it for you but we may make recommendations to you for improvements. If you wish to proceed with the improvements they will either be included in your plan or a quote can be provided.

This is a great example of why our business is here. Firstly we aim to prevent that from occurring through our ongoing monitoring and maintenance. We monitor your site and regularly keep security protocols in place and updated. We acknowledge we cannot guarantee this won’t occur so we also make sure we have full backups of your site which can be used if your site needs to be restored. Depending on the maintenance package you are on addressing these issues is an example of what your developer hours could be used for. If malware removal is required we will advise you of the cost prior to taking any action. 

You can decide what you want to use the hours for. It may be design changes to your site, technical updates, new features, adding content such as an article with the right meta data to help SEO or updating images to give your site a fresh look. If you do not need the included hours we are happy to roll them over to the next month – you will not lose the hours.

If you have more work needed to your site than the included hours we are happy to either provide you a quote or you can purchase our developer support packages which include discounts.

Absolutely providing it was built on WordPress. As a certified WordPress developer we are able to maintain your site even if it was built by someone else. Once we have access we will review the backend and make any theme and plugin updates needed. We are always happy to welcome new customers to our business!

Uptime monitoring is checking that your website can actually be seen by your customers. If you select a Website Care Plan that includes Uptime monitoring we run regular checks at least hourly. If there is an issue we will notify you and either take action using your available developer support hours or advise you further.

It can happen due to a problem with your website hosting company or perhaps a missed payment to your hosting company which can happen with busy business owners and volunteers in not-for-profit organisations and charities; especially when key resources change. As soon as we know there is an issue with your website we will check it and your hosting service and find out what the issue is and let you know so action can be taken to resolve the problem. We aim to take the stress away from you as we are here to deal with technical website issues.

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