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Website Design & Build

Brisbane Web Design Agency operates consulting based web development. We will create a device optimised SEO friendly stylish website to help you rank well in search engines; so your future customers can find you! We are Brisbane based web consultants. Let us design (or redesign) and build a professional and fully responsive website for your business or not-for-profit. We are happy to refresh your existing website or build you a brand new one. The choice is yours! Let us do you web design in Brisbane.

SEO Services

We are Search Engine Optimisation certified website designers. We can assist you in lifting where you sit in search engines. We can conduct a full SEO Audit of your website or provide keyword research and an action plan; and also implement the action plan. Your website may look fantastic but if search engines cannot read it your potential customers won't be able to find you. Having a responsive website for local business in Brisbane is only part of what's needed for success; SEO plays a major role in being seen by potential customers.

Development & Care

We provide WordPress development support and care services. Whether you need ongoing maintenance of your website to reduce the risk of security and performance issues, or you want content management system support to do regular updates; we have professional website support in Brisbane. We have developed monthly care plans and bulk developer hours packages to suit most needs. If you don't see a plan that suits please let us know what you need and we can provide you with a quote.

Our 6-D Framework


We have a consulting based web development approach which starts with discovering  where you are now and where you want to go. We want to understand your business goals now and into the future so we can design and build a website that supports the achievement of your goals.


Once the discovery is complete we define the specific requirements such as key features like an online store, contact forms or click to call button. We provide an estimate of costs and schedule and details of what we need to commence designing your new website.


Our design will create an SEO friendly stylish website. It will be a responsive WordPress website so user experience is optimised regardless of what device they are using. We are certified in Search Engine and User Experience optimised website design so you will have a site that is ready to make you more visible to potential customers.


Our professional website support in Brisbane will build the site in WordPress. At different stages of the build we will ask you to review progress to ensure you are comfortable prior to finalisation. We will make sure the website theme is fast and responsive so it performs well for search engines and customers.


This is where we are ready to launch your site live. We will deploy a live version of your new website so you can see it, test it and make sure it meets your needs. Once you confirm your approval we will issue the final invoice for payment. 


Once your approval is received, along with final payment, we will work with your hosting provider to launch your new website. We will work with you to make sure you know how to manage your new website. If you prefer not to manage it ongoing we have website care plans to support you.

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Website Care Plan Options

Performance Monitoring

We monitor the page speed and load times of your website and recommend any action needed to ensure user experience is maintained.

Automated Security Checks

Daily security scan of your website including malware and infected files. Notification if a problem is identified.

Uptime Monitoring

Constant monitoring of your website. Receive a notification when your website goes down so you can get it back online before anyone notices.

Website Backup

As with your business files it is important to regularly backup your website so your content is safe and secure and can be restored if needed.​

WordPress & Plugin Updates

We apply all WordPress core updates and plugin updates on a weekly basis ensuring your site has the latest performance, security and bug patches.

Monthly Report

Monthly report including the updates that have been applied, website performance, security activity and any site recommendations.

What Our Clients Say!

Brisbane Web Design Agency did a comprehensive and complete review of my website. They were prompt, detailed, and helped me see what I need to do to improve my website, and the steps required to go about this. They took the time to explain this to me in a language that I understand, and answered my questions comprehensively. I would highly recommend Brisbane Web Design Agency to anyone looking for a thorough review of their website.
I can't thank Brisbane Web Design Agency enough for doing my website care. It was the task I never prioritised until my site was hacked because I hadn't been keeping everything up to date. It's one less thing for me to worry about. I now know my website is under control and I only need to spend a few minutes reading my Brisbane Web Design Agency report about what they have done during the month.
I am very competent with computers and spend my days mostly in excel. I had my website built by someone else a couple of years ago and it hasn't produced a lot of traffic. I engaged Brisbane Web Design Agency to do a Website SEO Audit which was immensely valuable. They have since implemented the changes they recommended and traffic has increased. They also continue to maintain the site for me while I focus on growing my business.
A friend in London referred me to Brisbane Web Design Agency. I am very happy with the website and also took the offer of keyword research and content. I now have a plan for growing my content based on the keywords identified. I will definitely engage them when I am ready to build my next online business.

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Websites are Vital for Business

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As a business owner, or NFP leader, you know your to-do list is never ending. That usually results in priority being given to what is immediately important with little time left to focus “on” the business and it’s future. Having an online presence is critical to business success. As stated in this Forbes article, “we live in a world where people Google before they shop, visit online review sites before they buy and then “check-in” via Facebook as they go about their days. Because of this, you want your first impression to be the best it can be. Beginning with your website….”.

If your website is still on your to-do list you are not alone. According to results from the 2018 Telstra Small Business Intelligence Report only 50% of Australian small businesses have their own website. The report also reported that 62% of customers will stop considering a small business if they can’t find information about it online. Using search engines was considered ‘important’ or ‘very important’ by 83% of customers surveyed. Every day 40% of customers under the age of 40 use a search engine to find or research a small business – every day!

With a consulting based web development approach we provide professional website support in Brisbane. We will build a responsive WordPress website for small business, medium business, charities, clubs, associations and not-for-profits. Let us create SEO friendly stylish website for your organisation.

Search Engine Optimisation - SEO

The report also stated only 26% of small business owners are using Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tactics. The research found many SMEs objected to SEO techniques because they can be time consuming.

SEO is complex but extremely important for any website. It is what drives where your business sits when a potential customer searches for a product or service. You want to be on page one of the search and that is not something that happens overnight but can be achieved through a strong SEO strategy. A websites CMS (Content Management System) can be tricky to navigate if it is not your area of expertise but is important to SEO objectives.

Rather than spend a lot of money on marketing, investing in SEO generally delivers a strong return on investment. Our Brisbane based web consultants can conduct a thorough Website SEO Audit to identify areas of improvement aimed at lifting your search rankings.

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Website Care

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Once you have your website it should not be left to sit unattended. Websites are usually built in WordPress which is done on designs called themes. Websites require plugins that enable the site to function as you need it. For example, if you have an online store you will need a plugin that can manage product details, stock volumes and prices along with a payment plugin. If you have a contact form for customers you will have another plugin for that. Each plugin and theme, as well as WordPress itself, has regular updates; just like your computer software. Updates keep security up to date as well as addressing any bugs or issues.

If you are not maintaining your website your plugins will eventually fall out of date and could cause a number of issues for you. For example, they may be used to hack your website. The plugins may cause your site to be slower creating a poor user experience. Security breaches by hackers are common so making sure your website has all updates made, in a timely manner of their release, will help you mitigate these risks.

Website Performance

Monitoring your website’s performance is important for both customer experience and SEO. At times your website could go down and if you are not monitoring it there is an opportunity risk as you will be missing out on new clients. At times your site can be quite slow to load its pages. This can cause high bounce rates as I am sure you know yourself, if a page is slow to load you generally click “back” and go to the next business listed in your search.

Google Webmaster tools (Google Analytics and Google Search Console) provide valuable insights about the technical performance of your website as well as your customer behaviour on your site. This information can allow you to fix technical problems quickly and adjust the user experience on your site to improve conversion rates. In addition there are a number of SEO tools available which Brisbane Web Design Agency uses to conduct our Website SEO Audits. Monitoring organic search engine traffic and keyword performance regularly will assist you in moving up the search engine pages so you are seen by more potential customers. As with website maintenance this takes time which is generally in short supply for business owners.

Our Brisbane based web consultants use consulting based web development to create SEO friendly stylish website for your business. We offer professional website support in Brisbane and would love to help you grow your business by making sure your online presence is not only a responsive website for local business in Brisbane but it is SEO friendly.

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